Past Award Recipients

Champion of the Decade Award Recipient


Stanley M. Bergman
for his steadfast and ongoing support of the Shils Fund and his commitment to continuing Ed’s teachings and recognizing the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit

Shils-Meskin Award Recipients


Lawrence A. Tabak, DDS, PhD


Dr. Amid Ismail
for his lifelong commitment, dedication, and passion for the importance of oral health across all aspects of society worldwide.


Dr. Bruce Donoff
for his advocacy and leadership in incorporating oral health into overall health care issues through interprofessional education and interpersonal relationships


Dr. Jeanne Sinkford
for her life-long career and leadership in oral health education and research


Dr. Lois K. Cohen
for her lifelong career and leadership in oral health education, research and health diplomacy


Dr. Harold Slavkin
for his lifelong career and leadership in oral health education and research as well as his commitment to enriching scientific, clinical and academic literature on the importance of oral health care and its societal impact on the underserved


Dr. Anthony Volpe
for over four decades of experience in clinical dental research, preventive dentistry and dental scientific affairs


Dr. D. Walter Cohen
for his lifelong contribution and stellar accomplishments in the advancement of the dental health field

Shils Award Recipients


Dr. Kathryn Kell

Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity

Henry Schein Cares

Town & Country Dental Studios


Dr. Othman Shibly

Dr. Laurie McCauley

Dr. Carolyn Primus

Steven and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health Services


Dr. Cecile Feldman
for her outstanding leadership as an educator and her commitment to training tomorrows dental care providers with a commitment to excellence.

Dr. Kathleen O’Loughlin
for her outstanding leadership as a health educator, business executive, and advocate for improving oral health literacy, prevention, and care.

Children’s Oral Health Network
for their extraordinary commitment and tireless efforts in providing accessible and affordable oral health care to scores of children in the greater Cincinnati Ohio area.


for expanding Give Kids A Smile to the NASCAR nation through the 3M NASCAR program

Dr. Linda Niessen
for her advocacy for the importance of oral health care for seniors as well as her leadership as Dean of Nova Southeastern University

Dr. Irvin Silverstein
for his devotion and leadership of the Student-Run Free Dental Clinic Project and the UCSD Pre-Dental Society


Dr. George Blue Spruce Jr.
for his leadership and development of the American Indian Dental Society and advocacy for oral health care for this under represented community

Dr. Wendy Mouradian
for her outstanding leadership, dedication and commitment to dental education

Dr. David Satcher
for his leadership and outstanding contributions to the world of oral health education

Dr. Robert Schattner
for his commitment, philanthropy, leadership and contributions to the world of oral health


Dr. Allen Finkelstein
for his advocacy in developing the Health Home for children and expanding access to oral health care as primary care to health professionals at large

Dr. Burton Edelstein
for his outstanding leadership of the Children’s Dental Health Project and his securing federal government support for S Chips in 2010 and years to come

Gary Price
for his dedication and leadership of the Dental Trade Alliance’s “Oral Health care Can’t Wait” program for the industry, profession and public

University of Washington Pediatric Clinic
for innovation in expanding access to oral health care and engaging the entire health care community of stakeholders into the process


Ralph Fuccillo
for innovation and support of oral health programs for the public

Dr. Michael Glick
for his steadfast editorial voice and advocacy on behalf of the underserved

Dr. Steven Perlman
for his commitment to the Special Olympics and to serving those with special needs

Fit for School Inc.
for their dedication to serving school children in remote areas of the Phillipines


American Dental Association/GlaxoSmithKline Oral Longevity Program
for increasing awareness about the oral health needs of older Americans

Dr. Lawrence Caplin
for Founding the Oral Health Impact Project, bringing quality oral health care to children

Goldie’s Place
for establishing a support center for homeless adults in Chicago

Robert T. Freeman Dental Society Foundation
for sponsoring the Deamonte Driver Dental Project


DENTSPLY International
for 50 years of support and partnership in the development and leadership of The International Association of Student Clinicians – American Dental Association – SCADA Program

Dr. Robert Klaus
for his leadership and advocacy for dental health equality for all members of society

National Museum of Dentistry (NMD)
for their commitment to promoting public oral health awareness through innovative and entertaining educational programs

Cherilyn G. Sheets, DDS
for founding The Children’s Dental Center, which provides children of the working poor access to quality dental care


Dr. Terry Dickinson
for establishing and leading the Mission of Mercy access-to-care program

Dr. Art Dugoni
for lifelong achievement, passion and commitment to dentistry for almost 60 years

Dr. Caswell Evans
for leadership of Healthy People 2010 and his commitment to the importance of oral health care

Dr. Dushanka Kleinman
for her tireless efforts and passion in securing resources to support the issue of good oral health

Lori Trost, DMD, PC
for launching Pink Tooth Enterprises, an educational network, for women in dentistry


Larry M. Coffee, DDS
for leadership of the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped

Thomas Chappell
for his socially responsible leadership of Tom’s of Maine

Eric J. Hovland, DDS, Med, MBA
for his leadership of LSU’s post-Katrina recovery efforts

Malcolm Gladwell
for authoring The Moral Hazard Myth,which focused on the disparity in oral health care


Michael C. Alfano, DMD, PhD
for establishing the Oral Cancer Consortium

Marsha E. Butler, DDS
for leadership of Colgate’s Bright Smiles, Bright Futures Program

Delta Dental Plan of Wisconsin
for expansion of Marquette University’s Dental Program Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine

Program for Women (ELAM)
for preparing women faculty for leadership roles in academic health centers

Special Recognition Award Recipients


Dr. Alejandro Roisentul


Dr. Sidney Whitman


Dr. Joseph McManus
for his leadership and outstanding contributions in the management of oral health service programs and his tireless efforts in caring for the underserved.


Tracy Garland
for being the driving force behind the formation of the NIIOH in 2009 and for creating a new norm for effective interprofessional collaboration

Dr. Horst-Wolfgang Haase
for his leadership of Quintessence Publishing, widely recognized as a true champion in dental education

Dr. Marc Rothman
for his tireless championing for those in need of oral care and his worldwide philanthropic achievements

Jeffrey Parker
for his leadership of Sarrell Dental Center and transforming the lives of thousands of underserved in Alabama


Dr. Dominick DePaola
for his lifelong commitment to improving the oral health of the public and his leadership in the oral health care community

1300 Smiles and Youth With A Mission Medical Ships – Australia
for your passion, dedication and leadership in bringing much needed health care to the underserved in Papua New Guinea

Norman Weinstock
for his lifetime of commitment, innovation and business leadership in the world of dental restorative services and his mentoring of leaders in the oral health community


Dr. Jack Dillenberg
for his leadership throughout his career and for his mentorship of the Student Oral Health Initiative

Donald Rubin
for his development and supporting programs in culture, health care, social responsibility and leadership development

Jost Fisher
for his support and generosity in helping build capacity for dental clinics throughout the world

Sam Zarbiv
for his leadership of the Student Oral Health Initiative and his efforts to bridge the gap between medical and dental health care


Jeffrey Perelman
for his leadership and support of medical and dental health care programs that serve the community and especially those in need, in the Delaware Valley region

Senior Mobile Dental
for the impact made in addressing the oral health needs of the vulnerable older adult population in the Colorado Springs area


Dr. Michael Bergermann, Dr. Ruben Cohen, and Ilona Eichenberger
their volunteerism with Interplast and dedication to providing underserved children with access to medical care

Dr. Jessica Meeske
Founding the Sonrisa Dental Project and her dedication to the underserved in South Central Nebraska


Congressman Elijah E. Cummings
being a true advocate of Maryland’s children

Dr. Jay S. Grossman
founding Homeless Not Toothless

Miracle Corners of the World Tanzanian Dental School Renovation Project
rebuilding the Muhimbili University of Health and Allies Sciences (MUHAS) Dental School and upgrading its equipment and technology


Steven W. Kess
his countless contributions to the dental community and health of the public

Founder Award Recipients


Stephen Boss
demonstrating, early in his career, commitment for leadership and program development benefitting his colleagues, school and the profession in areas of continuing education and access to care for the underserved


Diane Amos
her dedication and leadership of The New Orleans Dream Center and her advocacy for the underserved


Dr. Musa Bajali
his leadership and commitment to engage in educational and clinical programs with nontraditional partners

Dr. Adam Stabholz
his leadership of the Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Dental Medicine and for the development of the Bridges to Peace Program

Dr. Martin Tansy
his career accomplishments as the longest serving dean in dental education


Dr. Mitchell Pines
his breadth of commitment to the profession of dentistry


Miracle Corners of the World
empowering youth worldwide to be positive agents of change

Urban Genesis and the I-LEAD Sister Program
transforming the quality of life for the youth of Pennsylvania

Cohen-Volpe Award Winner


Mr. Steven W. Kess