(Institute for Leadership, Education, Advancement and Development, Inc) – Reading, PA

I-LEAD is a community-based nonprofit start-up charter school for grades 9 through 12. I-LEAD focuses on improving the quality of life for local citizens (mainly students) and in helping them develop as effective community leaders. Over 40% of the Reading, Pennsylvania youth (which includes a large Hispanic population) have not graduated from high school. The I-LEAD Charter School offers a second-chance option for the disengaged to continue in education, transition into adulthood and chart a course for a positive future.

I-LEAD’s three central goals include:

  • Helping students develop leadership skills,
  • Helping students master the information required for effective leadership and
  • Assisting students in achieving community-based leadership initiatives.

The I-LEAD educational model connects book learning with success in the real world. There are small class sizes, mentoring and college preparatory curricula available. I-LEAD’s culture is designed to provide a safe learning environment and bring together students, parents, community and staff to help shape the school’s programs. The Charter School also caters to adults and offers opportunities in home health and dental assisting.