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Dental Innovators, Creators and Entrepreneurs (DICE), is the first student-led entrepreneurial dental incubator at University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.

September 2020

The Dr. Edward B. Shils Entrepreneurial Fund, Inc. Becomes the Official Founding Sponsor of Dental Innovators, Creators, Entrepreneurs (DICE) to Drive Dental Student Entrepreneurship
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Alyse J. Mongalo O'Kelly

Alyse J. Mongalo O’Kelly
CEO, Co-Founder of Dental Innovators, Creators & Entrepreneurs (DICE)
UPENN Dental Medicine, 3rd -Year Student

Dental Innovators, Creators & Entrepreneurs (DICE) is the first student-led entrepreneurial incubator at University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and a recipient of a Shils Fund grant.

Founded in the fall of 2017, DICE’s dental student members focus on facilitating the development of problem-solving and the design process of businesses that address unmet needs in dentistry. To complement these efforts, DICE also holds an internal business plan competition and solicits funding to advance students’ start-up projects and the organization.

Its’ CEO and Co-Founder Alyse Mongalo O’Kelly, born into a family of business entrepreneurs and a business school graduate, decided to avidly pursue a career in dentistry after a transformational trip to Nicaragua. Her experience there witnessing an impoverished community in desperate need of quality oral health care revealed a life-changing way to match her love of business with her drive to help others.

In addition to her work with DICE and her studies as a third-year dental school student, Alyse is also President of the Student National Dental Association at Penn Dental Medicine.

Her professional background includes extensive experience in the areas of mentoring, education, programming, medical and dental patient care, research, conference organization and presentations, diversity, business competitions, and social good efforts, such as her work cofounding Citizen Water, a values-based water bottling start-up which donated a portion of its proceeds to the community.

Alyse lives with her husband in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.