2018 Award Recipients

2018 Dental Student Competition

Innovator Awards

Fran GallagherFran Gallagher

“In recognition of your passionate commitment to creative, integrated programs, and partnerships that ensure optimal, comprehensive health for all children and critical support for the caregivers in their lives.”

Dr. Kris VolcheckDr. Kris Volcheck

“In recognition of your bold vision and inventive leadership in the delivery of dental care to our nation’s most vulnerable populations, transforming lives one healthy smile at a time.”

Robert MehalsoRobert Mehalso

“In recognition of your extensive pioneering achievements in the commercialization of micro/nano/biosystems including Lab-on-a-Chip systems which hold tremendous potential in the area of diagnostic healthcare.”

Dr. Matilde Hernández GonzálezDr. Matilde Hernández González

“In recognition of your contributions and your role as a driving force in delivering Colgate® MagnusCards™ to patients with cognitive special needs and in the promotion of technology to increase the effectiveness of dental and dental hygiene programs throughout the nation.”

Special Recognition Awards

John D. KempJohn D. Kemp

“In recognition of your entrepreneurial leadership of Project Accessible Oral Health and outstanding lifetime achievement as a champion of empowering the disability community – Nothing about us, without us.”

Mary Pettiette, DDSMary Pettiette, DDS

“In honor of the Foundation’s Outreach program and support of Project HOME, both exceptional models of delivering quality oral healthcare to underserved communities in crisis and in critical need.”

Cohen-Volpe Award Winner

Allen L. Finkelstein, DDSAllen L. Finkelstein, DDS

“In Recognition of Your Extraordinary Lifetime Achievement and Leadership in the advancement of integrated dental care to ensure optimal dental health for all and for your Outstanding Philanthropic Commitment to Social Responsibility.””

Shils Meskin Award

Dr. Jack DillenbergDr. Jack Dillenberg

“For your exceptional and relentless pursuit of innovation in education, public health leadership, health program development, and addressing oral health issues to ultimately improve our nation’s oral health.”